By Harry Fuecks

Jeff has a blog

By Harry Fuecks

Jeff (aka Selkirk), lead developer on WACT, has started his own blog:

  • Okay, I’ll admit it, I though this whole RSS thing was a fad that would go away ;)

    Looks like it is here to stay. Does anyone have a “RSS for dummies” link from the perspective of “how does one easily consume/manage a large number of rss feeds as a client”. Would be nice to know from both the Windows and Linux perspectives as well. I tried a RSS plugin for FireFox a while back, but it ended up crashing my system and I had to reinstall FireFox to get rid of it 8{ What does everyone else do?

  • culley

    This isn’t really what you asked for but I think all you need is:

  • mike

    Try feedreader for windows.

  • Sharpreader is another great utility to keep up with Blogs.

  • I use Pluck ( for IE, it sits on the taskbar, but Opera also has a built-in RSS feature, under Mail, Newfeeds.

  • lexus

    I use NewzCrawler 1.7 ( It is a killer app.

  • Not sure how this turned into ‘how to RSS’ but Nathan’s little RSS shpeil is a good start. .

    Personally Im happy with a simple litle ap called ‘Abilon’.

  • FeedDemon is the best looking & working RSS reader for Windows –

  • I’m addicted to NetNewsWire on OS X, but for Windows the best reader I’ve seen is Nick Bradbury’s FeedDemon.

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