David Catuhe, Apr 29

JavaScript like a Boss: Understanding Fluent APIs

Microsoft's David Catuhe explains how to make your APIs "fluent": more readable and human-friendly
Marcello La Rocca, Apr 23

Three JavaScript Quirks That Java/C Developers Should Know

Marcello La Rocca discusses three JavaScript features that cause headaches to developers coming from Java and C.
Christian Johansen, Apr 22

Immutability in JavaScript

Christian Johansen covers what immutability is, how to use immutability in JavaScript, and why it's useful.
David Catuhe, Apr 21

Understanding ECMAScript 6: Template Strings

Microsoft's David Catuhe explains ECMAScript 6's advanced support for multiline strings.
Christian Johansen, Apr 16

Thinking Outside the DOM: Composed Validators and Data Collection

Christian Johansen concludes his mini-series by discussing composed validators, how to extract data from a form element, and how to report errors.
David Catuhe, Apr 16

Using Closure Space to Create Real Private Members in JavaScript

Microsoft's David Catuhe explains how JavaScript developers can embed private members into an object using a technique called “closure space”.
David Catuhe, Apr 15

Improve JavaScript Performance Analysis Results with User Marks

Microsoft's David Catuhe explains how to optimize your JavaScript performance with user marks and tools found in Internet Explorer and Project Spartan
Christian Johansen, Apr 09

Thinking Outside the DOM: Concepts and Setup

Christian Johansen discusses the concept and the problems of having a tightly coupled code and how to write code that doesn't depend on the DOM.
David Catuhe, Mar 24

Simple Inheritance with JavaScript

Microsoft's David Catuhe explains JavaScript's approach to simple inheritance, which differs from what you may be familiar with in C# or C++
David Catuhe, Mar 19

Understanding ECMAScript 6: Class and Inheritance

Microsoft's David Catuhe explains how to use classes and inheritance in ECMAScript 6.
James Edwards, Mar 09

Accessible Drag and Drop with Multiple Items

James Edwards shows you how to extend the capabilities of the HTML5 drag and drop API, so it can handle multiple elements, and support keyboard interaction.
Craig Buckler, Mar 04

Easy URL Parsing With Isomorphic JavaScript

Can you write JavaScript code which runs on the client and server? Craig discusses a pragmatic isomorphic approach.
Aurelio De Rosa, Feb 19

Creating an Image Gallery with the Flickr API — Style and Logic

Aurelio De Rosa finishes his guide to creating a functional, simple image gallery using the Flickr API, focusing on the style and logic of the service
Aurelio De Rosa, Feb 16

Creating an Image Gallery with the Flickr API — Requirements and Markup

Aurelio De Rosa explains how to set up an image gallery service using the Flickr API, starting with the basics — the requirements and markup
Ivaylo Gerchev, Feb 11

Demystifying JavaScript Closures, Callbacks and IIFEs

Ivaylo Gerchev examines three of the most important and heavily-used concepts in modern JavaScript development — closures, callbacks and IIFEs
Aurelio De Rosa, Jan 19

Auto-filling Forms with jQuery and the Web Storage API

This article shows how jQuery and the Web Storage API can be used to auto populate form data based on historic data.
Bruno Skvorc, Jan 13

Custom Events and Ajax Friendly Page-ready Checks

Bruno Skvorc will run you through a short tutorial on building a JavaScript library that fires off custom made events when an ajax load has been completed!
Ian Oxley, Jan 09

Introduction to the Beacon API

This article introduces the Beacon API, which is used to send data to a server on page unload.
Darren Jones, Jan 02

JavaScript Comes of Age

This article is a promo for the new book "JavaScript Novice to Ninja."
Adam Bretz, Dec 22

Full Stack JavaScript Development With MEAN

This article is a promo for the new SitePoint book, Full Stack JavaScript Development With MEAN.
Taylor Brennan, Dec 17

Getting Started with Slack Bots

This article describes how to interact with Slack programatically using bots.
Ivaylo Gerchev, Dec 02

Demystifying JavaScript Variable Scope and Hoisting

This article looks at two fundamentals of JavaScript programming - variable scope and hoisting.
Patrick Catanzariti, Nov 25

Why JavaScript and the Internet of Things?

This article raises the question of why JavaScript is the right choice as the language of the Internet of Things.
Aurelio De Rosa, Nov 18

Experimenting with the Web Speech API

This article creates a simple application that uses the Web Speech API to create an interactive form.