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SitePoint Themes, Dec 07

MS Bots in Azure

In this video, we’ll see how to setup the Azure Bot Service, an integrated online environment for bot development. We’ll review the...
Esteban Herrera, 2 days ago

jQuery Pagination Plugins

jQuery pagination plugins provide an easy way to separate your information into generated hyper-linked pages. Simon Codrington compares 5...
Simon Codrington, 13 hours ago

Formatting MS Bot Messages with Cards

In this video we’ll present the different types of cards that Skype offers to format messages using images and buttons. You'll learn to...
Esteban Herrera, 3 days ago

Microsoft Cognitive Services and the Text Analytics API

In this video we’ll present the Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs and show how you can use them to detect the sentiment of chat messages...
Esteban Herrera, Feb 09

React Storybook: Develop Beautiful User Interfaces with Ease

Pavels Jelisejevs introduces React Storybook, demonstrating how it aids collaboration and eases the pain of maintaining the UI components...
Pavels Jelisejevs, 2 days ago

Natural Language Processing with LUIS

In this video we’ll show you how to create models in LUIS.ai so our bot can understand and process natural language. This will help our...
Esteban Herrera, Feb 01

Behind the Scenes: A Look at SitePoint's Peer Review Program

Nilson Jacques takes a look at how SitePoint uses peer review to help ensure we publish high-quality content, and gives you the...
Nilson Jacques, 3 days ago
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