Java, Unicode, and the Mysterious Compile Error

Indrek Ots, 5 days ago
Indrek Ots explains how the Java compiler handles Unicode and Unicode escapes and how this can lead to mysterious compile errors.

What Does RESTful Really Mean?

Carlos Morera De La Chica, Aug 12
An answer to the question how constraints, HTTP verbs, response codes, and other details come together to define REST.

JVMLS 2016: A Recap of Java Virtual Machine Language Summit

Nicolai Parlog, Aug 10
Last week was the Java Virtual Machine Language Summit (JVMLS) where renown experts present the newest developments of the JVM.

Self Types with Java's Generics

Nicolai Parlog, Aug 05
Self types let a class reference its own type. Java doesn't have them, but there is a trick.

Java Serialization: Building a Persistent Phone Book

Lincoln Daniel, Jun 21
Serialization is a powerful tool. It's what allows us to store objects on disk and reconstruct them in memory when necessary -- perhaps...

Building a Study Guide App with Java Hashmap

Lincoln Daniel, Jun 07
Lincoln Daniel explains how to use a Hashmap to store and manipulate key-value pairs in Java, building a simple study guide app along the...

Java 8 Streams: An Intro to Filter, Map and Reduce Operations

Ashraff Hathibelagal, Jun 01
Ashraff explains how to create streams and then transform them using three widely used higher-order methods named map, filter and reduce.

How to Implement Java's hashCode Correctly

Nicolai Parlog, May 19
Implementing Java's hashCode is a fundamental task for any Java developer, but the devil is in the details. Nicolai Parlog explains how to...


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