By Kevin Yank

Java 5 launched with redesign

By Kevin Yank

From Tom Rutter, SitePoint’s community manager: has been redesigned. The latest version of the JRE available at is now 1.5.0_01.

The new design seems to put more emphasis on games (for mobile phones) with “games” and “mobile” sections coming before the “desktop” section.” is Sun’s site for end users to learn about Java technology and to obtain the Java runtime required to run Java applications on desktop computers. Until now, Java 1.4 was still the version distributed through this site, but with the redesign it now seems like Sun is prepared for the general public to use Java 5 (J2SE 1.5).


  • eeeck – tables on a redesign in 2005 for even microsoft is heading in a better direction than this :)

  • Theres nothing wrong with tables.

  • I don’t know what it looks like in other browsers (did not check yet!) but in Safari it is a nice design with a large lack of visual cues on any of the navigation. Not that rollovers are a requirement – but some sort of visual effect is nice. Hope they did not build this for IE on Windows only. ;>)

  • mmj

    Java certainly has some confusing version numbering.

    The version number is 1.5.0_01, but the about box shows the product name as “Java 2 Platform Standard Edition” and the J2SE website calls it “Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0

    So the platform is “Java 2”, the product name contains “5.0”, and the version number is 1.5.0.

  • Anonymous always was a crappy site, but it’s got a lot worse in the new design!

  • TheAnarchist

    Haha. Java doesn’t bother me.

    I know the language, and Java ~= Coffee, so I’m not complaining. :P

  • melancholic

    I don’t think the design is that bad :)
    why’s everyone dissing tables? lol

  • I find the layout both confusing and frustrating. Too much competing design elements with way too many exclamation marks and bright colours. Sun should have paid more attention to its simpler UIs, for example, which is full of information but very well organized and simple to use.


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