James “brothercake” Edwards Joins the JavaScript Live team

By Shayne Tilley

Everyone is abuzz here at SitePoint HQ. Our JavaScript Live course is a completely new, different, and exciting concept! (Learn about it here.) Never before have you had the opportunity to learn directly from the best in the business for a bargain basement price. I know, it’s amazing.

Hold onto your hat — it gets better.

James Edwards James “brothercake” Edwards has joined the JavaScript Live team. James is a renowned JavaScript expert, SitePoint author, blogger, and all around great guy. He will be joining us as a mentor in the private forums (accessible only by JavaScript Live students) each day to answer questions, chime in on discussions, solve problems, and share his extensive knowledge and experience.

We know you’re looking forward to squeezing every last ounce of JavaScript knowledge out of Kevin Yank’s brain. Now, we’re throwing James into the mix. Wow! Imagine the power created when these two JavaScript masterminds get together (it’s actually kinda scary now I think about it …)

If you haven’t signed up for JavaScript Live yet, you can get started for $10 here.

  • RW1

    On the 5th, 10th, and 15th days of the Javascript Live course, you are having Webinars. What time of day will these Webinars take place?

  • Anon

    I am curious about the exact times of the live sessions and webinars as well. At what times of the day live mentors are available.

  • RW1,

    The exact times have not yet been decided, but we will have two webinars on each of those days to accommodate as many time zones as possible. Additionally, the webinars will be recorded for later viewing by anyone enrolled in the course.

  • Very excited to have James on board! With the number of people signing up, I’m glad I’ll have an extra helper in the forum. :-)

  • Anon,

    I am curious about the exact times of the live sessions and webinars as well. At what times of the day live mentors are available.

    The only things that will be happening “live” are the Q&A sessions (webinars). We’ll post as soon as we have the precise schedule for these worked out, but we’re likely to aim for mid-morning in Europe and early evening in the United States.

    Mentors (myself and James Edwards) will be in and out of the forums throughout our respective work days. James is located in England, and I’m in Australia. Together we should have almost every hour of the day or night covered, but even if we aren’t around at the exact moment you post your question, your fellow students will be a great resource too.

  • It’s worked out quite well that blend of time-zones :)

  • For all those who have asked, we’ve just announced the live webinar times for the course! See the FAQ for details.

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