It’s our Party, and we’ll Give Away a Free CSS Video Series if we Want to!

By Shayne Tilley
We teamed up with SiteGround
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Everyone likes to celebrate. People enjoy throwing birthday parties, or buying anniversary gifts for their beloved. Today, though, we’re doing it differently: We’re releasing a new course, and we’re offering our 8-part CSS video series free to celebrate!

So for 7 days only, our eight-part CSS Crash Course is FREE (valued at $29.95).

In under three hours, you’ll learn the basics of CSS from our resident guru Kevin Yank, and it will cost you zilch, zip, nada!

Why are we giving you free stuff?

  1. We recognize this is a fantastic product to start you learning CSS.
  2. If you enjoy our crash course—and we reckon you will—you’re going to be amazed at what our CSS Live Course offers.

But that’s all for later. All you need to know right now is that this great product is available free—but you only have 7 days to make it yours. So act now!

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Tariq

    Thank you much and Happy B’day!

  • sukumar.deshikan

    This will benefit a lot. Thanks much.

  • devlim

    it really a good course but i do think that the content is too simple.
    it will be better that at the future, sitepoint offer advanced css course than always offer basic course

    • JaredR.

      …it’s free.

  • Randy

    WOw my birthday is next week so I’ll put a bow on it. Thanks.

  • FormerGenius

    Wow! An excellent freebie from this amazing site. As a newbie to web programming I’ll find these vids very useful. Thanks guys.

  • Thanks, I will have to check it out and maybe fill in a few holes in my knowledge base. Due to the podcast I also signed up the the CSS class. Hopefully the class will work out in the US.

  • mikebrady

    Awesome! Thanks! I love this site!

  • William

    Great series, I would love to see a more advanced topics related to CSS.

    Thanks again,


  • GuitarMantra

    Thank you very much. These videos are great tutorials.

  • Thanks Sitepoint! I re-tweeted this and told three friends. Say bye bye bandwidth! :)

  • A.

    In the article you mention it’s free. However, you didn’t mention that we still have to pay for the course in order to download the video series.

    Can you explain what happened? I’m sure maybe i’m looking at the wrong page because I know that’s not how sitepoint works.

    All the best

  • CaptainDDL

    I didn’t sign up for CSS live and I was able to download the videos for free…

    • A.

      Can’t understand why it gives me an error. It keeps asking for my credit card info. Has anyone else here gotten that?

      I don’t suppose any sitepoint staff can help here.

      Let’s see what happens

  • jadge

    I can’t login to access the videos, entered the correct email id but it says not valid.
    My order no. is 270974


    • Anonymous

      Same here

    • It looks like a number of orders for the free CSS video series have been held up by our fraud detection system, for some reason. Apologies to anyone affected—we’re doing our best to work through the backlog of orders. Your patience is appreciated!

  • shelleweb

    thanks for free vids, downloading now…
    always great to brush up on the basics, as you never know what you may be missing ;)

  • Mike L. Angelo

    Can’t seem to download the videos.

    This is the message I keep getting:
    Sorry, we are unable to process your credit card order at this time. Please contact for directions on ordering via money order or wire transfer and quote code “FFT2”

    I have tried with two different browser to no avail.

    Any ideas ?

    • A.

      I got the exact same error. When I tried the first day, it asked for credit card information. Now, it just displays the same message as yours.

      The weird part is, it even gave me the same code “FFT2.” Anyway, would really like to download these videos. I think you have to give your credit card information even though they won’t charge you. It’s just part of the script written.

      Either way, this site is still better than the rest out there.

      • It looks like a few orders have been held up by our fraud detection system, which shouldn’t be asking for your credit card details but would prevent the download. We’re very sorry about this—we’re working frantically to resolve all of these orders that are in the queue. Thanks for your patience!

  • Márcio Guerra

    Absolutely amazing… At last a good news today!
    Thank you so much Site Point!!!

    You rock! And this is for you anniversary, right? So, congratulations!

    Cheers from Portugal!

    Márcio Guerra

  • mark

    Thanks for the video and Happy Birthday

  • Venkat

    I’m sure I can’t thank you enough, but still I’ve to say THANKS A LOT!!!

  • Walter J.

    Thanks a lot for this valuable tutorials !!!

    Happy birthday .. and greetings from Colombia !

  • c

    I keep getting this error:
    The order number and email address you submitted did not correspond with a customer who has purchased a video tutorial. Please check your email receipt and enter your email address and order number exactly as they appear on the receipt.
    I can not even get to a page to download the videos.