It’s our Party, and we’ll Give Away a Free CSS Video Series if we Want to!

Everyone likes to celebrate. People enjoy throwing birthday parties, or buying anniversary gifts for their beloved. Today, though, we’re doing it differently: We’re releasing a new course, and we’re offering our 8-part CSS video series free to celebrate!

So for 7 days only, our eight-part CSS Crash Course is FREE (valued at $29.95).

In under three hours, you’ll learn the basics of CSS from our resident guru Kevin Yank, and it will cost you zilch, zip, nada!


Why are we giving you free stuff?

  1. We recognize this is a fantastic product to start you learning CSS.
  2. If you enjoy our crash course—and we reckon you will—you’re going to be amazed at what our CSS Live Course offers.

But that’s all for later. All you need to know right now is that this great product is available free—but you only have 7 days to make it yours. So act now!