Is Your Head in The Cloud? Host PHP in the Cloud with Windows Azure

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Today we encourage you wholeheartedly to have your head in the clouds, with Maarten Balliuw’s cloud computing tutorial Host PHP in the Cloud with Windows Azure.

Maarten begins by bringing any latecomers up to speed with the current cloud-computing phenomenon. After detailing some of the benefits, such as the massive scope for resources that clouds can provide, Maarten introduces us to Microsoft’s Windows Azure. This PaaS cloud platform, based on virtual machines and aiming at scalability and reliability, will let you have multiple instances running with the simple change of a configuration value.

Without getting too technical, Maarten will step you through developing PHP applications on the Azure platform. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll learn how straightforward (and scalable) hosting PHP applications in a cloud environment can be.

We have a quiz for you to try out, Sponsored by Microsoft, so feel free to find out how much you’ve learned after you finish reading the article.

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