Is Your Data Flex-able?

Flex Data Visualization

Today we’re unleashing the final installment of our three-part Flex Data Visualization tutorial series. In part I, author Toby Tremayne showed you how to build the back-end to generate a dataset from the SitePoint forums. Part II saw us building a data visualization in flex, to show how often the keywords are used in forum threads. We also got to play around with the oh-so-cool SpringGraph library.

In part III, we’ll show you how to add another dimension to the data and refactor the code so that it’s better structured and more equipped to meet best-practice standards.

By the time you’ve finished working through this third installment, you’ll have yourself a nice data visualization that comprises relative popularity, relationships, and keywords relationship strengths.

Of course no SitePoint tutorial would be complete without one of our quizzes, so be sure to check how good your memory is after you’ve read the article.

Have fun, and good luck!

Article: Data Visualization With Flex, Part III
Quiz: Data Visualization With Flex, Part III Quiz