Is SuperPreview a Superstar? Browser Testing in Expression Web 4

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Today we conclude our Microsoft Expression Web series with, Cross-browser Development with SuperPreview, an article that focuses on SuperPreview, the browser-testing tool that has been integrated into the Expression Web package.

SitePoint’s very own front end development and design maven, Alex Walker, begins the tutorial by retelling the painful past of multiple browser testing. Using different computers, installing virtual machines, or subscribing to online browser shot tools were as good as it got, with each option having it’s own limitations. By taking SuperPreview for a spin, Alex shows us how easy it is to conduct testing in Expression Web across a myriad of browsers – even Safari 4.0.4 on OSX!

You’ll learn how to conduct a basic side-by-side browser comparison, and how to add more browser versions to your test. Alex will also introduce you to the SuperPreview toolbar, which has all sorts of cool buttons to make your life easier.

Microsoft Expression Web 4

As you work your way through the article you’ll get a feel for SuperPreview’s local and cloud-based capabilities, and it’s unique capacity to compare and inspect DOM elements.

There is a short quiz, sponsored by Microsoft, for you to complete once you’ve read the tutorial, so make sure you jog your memory and take a stab at it.

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