By Andrew Neitlich

Is It Time to Take the Leap and Start Your Own Business?

By Andrew Neitlich

Based on comments received so far, many Sitepoint readers appear to want to start their own business, someday, and are not quite ready to take the leap. Please don

  • Luis

    Great Post! Keep up the good work!

  • On point 3 – it took us 5 years to really get going – but after 7 years we have 2 houses, I just collected a brand new car the day before yesterday and my wife gets hers in about 2 weeks. In the ealy years being able to do that looked a *very long* way off.

    So if you’ve got some reserves (maybe start part time and work part time, that’s what I did) and the commitment you can make it work – but be prepared for some tough times aling the way as Andrew mentioned! I’ve never regretted taking the plunge, though!

  • mhdoc

    Percentage wise there are so few people who work for themselves that it will seem like everyone you know, especially family and friends, will tell you that you are an idiot. So get support, but don’t expect it from anyone who hasn’t gone down that road themselves.

  • tcwatts

    Same here as RockyShark… I’m in my 5th year and only now its starting to pay off. A lot of the lessons in being able to ‘read’ the client and deliver the right solution needed years of hands-on experience.

    Plus you need to build a working system of management, tools, applications and deployment.

    I’d like to hear what everyone’s webdev business’ workforce is like? what is a nice working team/workflow?

  • yeikow

    Hey, where is the quote in that link? Is it the last phrase of the article?

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