By Alex Walker

I/O Brush — Sample your World

By Alex Walker

For a long time DJ’s have made an artform from sampling their aural world and patchworking it together. Here’s a new tool that lets you do a similar thing with your visual world for the first time.

I/O BrushI/O Brush uses a combination of touch sensors and cameras built into the the center of the brush to sample anything within reach — from book cover to your t-shirt to your spagetti marinara lunch. Swishing the brush back across the screen allows you to paint live with your sample. This includes color, shape and motion as the accompanying video explains.

As the first of it’s kind, it’s probably larger and less compact than it may become, so this incarnation seems to be aimed at kids, but I could imagine a finer, cordless version of this offering some fascinating possibilities.

I’m not sure exactly how the current version would translate into commercial work, but it sure looks like a lot of fun.

(Via Drawn)

  • mmj

    Haha funky! I would try it out.

  • Nice gadget but i don’t see a real use for it next to some whacky artist trying to become the new digital picasso. Would try it out too if i didn’t have to buy it :)

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  • cob

    Those MIT guys are pretty amazing…

    These types of inventions, which don’t seem to mesh with our current level of technology, will inevitable push the technological envelope, opening up doors to unimaginable discoveries.

    Anyone for a digital canvas?

    I am very impressed.

    On another note, did anyone see the $100 laptop the MIT crew created as well?

  • Anonymous

    Wow this is crazy. This thing will probably make more sense once people start moving towards virtual reality.

  • I wasn’t logged in when I posted the above comment. Again this gadget will most likely be used by virtual artists and 3d animators.

  • vit

    Holy Crap! i would totally buy this for no more than 200 bucks, if it has 15 bucks, i would buy like 10 of them! this is awsome!

  • to me it looks completely useless

  • dave

    Same, I think its an interesting gadget that is utterly useless, even as a childrens educational tool. Alot more can be leart and experianced from standard paint pigments and a canvas board.

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