Invoicing SitePoint

We love our writers and editors, and we also love paying everyone on time. To make sure that your payment is processed as quickly as possible, please submit your invoice to with all of the required information, within 90 days of your article being published. Invoices received after this time will not be paid.

Not sure how to create an invoice? Here’s a free template.

If you are unsure of how much you should invoice for an article then please contact your editor.

Your invoice must include:

If applicable please include a Value Added Tax Identification Number (eg. ABN / VAT Reg No / VAT TIN, etc). If you are an Australian resident, you must include your ABN on the invoice (even if you are a freelancer).

All pay rates are inclusive of local taxes.

Please make your invoice out to:
SitePoint PTY LTD
48 Cambridge Street
Collingwood, Victoria

A note to anyone looking to send us a crate of beer: this is our shipping address as well!

Payment Methods

Please include the necessary payment information. Payment options we provide include:

Payment Dates

We don’t necessarily make PayPal payments on a specific day each week or fortnight as it is based on the volume of invoices that are submitted. Sometimes you may receive payment within a day or two, other times it will take a little longer. You can expect your PayPal payment to arrive within 14 business days.

Bank transfers and SWIFT payments are made approximately once every 14 business days. It can take an extra day for payments to appear in your account so you can expect payment within 15 business days.

Thanks for contributing to SitePoint!