By Shayne Tilley

Introducing the NEW SitePoint CSS, HTML & JavaScript Online References

By Shayne Tilley

A screenshot of the redesigned Search pageThe SitePoint online CSS and HTML references have been available for some time now, and have already become a valued source of free information for web designers and developers around the world.

We’re very pleased to announce a shiny new look to the SitePoint Reference Site and … drum roll … the highly anticipated first release of JavaScript Reference Information.

The look and feel of the old reference site has been completely replaced with a brand new slick, easy-to read design, including interactive examples, improved navigation, page layout and much more…

Sample content from The SitePoint JavaScript Reference

Sample content from The SitePoint JavaScript Reference

All the up-to-date, best-practice information is still there, plus the first phase of JavaScript insight penned by JavaScript Jedi James (Brothercake) Edwards — the DOM Core Reference.

I’ll let the new site speak for itself, so jump in, have a play around, and don’t forget to tell us what you think. Enjoy!

DOM Exception Tree

DOM Exception Tree

  • Alex Sokoloff

    One of the most handy tools in web dev!

  • SantaCruz

    Hey nice work guys!
    It’s looking really good!

    Hello to all the SitePoint team from Xavier the Frenchy…

  • Bob Carologees

    the js reference is like christmas come early

  • really early Bob ;)

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