Introducing CodeBurner: the SitePoint HTML & CSS Reference Tool for Firebug

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A new version of CodeBurner has been released. This release does not rely on Firebug — it’s a standalone extension, and for a limited time comes bundled with a free book! Grab yours now.

To coincide with the launch of the redesigned SitePoint Reference websites, we’re very excited to be launching a new browser extension we’ve developed — one that puts our reference data right in your test environment.

FireScopeCodeBurner is a new add-on for Firebug, the popular web development tool, that extends it with reference material for HTML and CSS. Using data directly from our reference sites, the tool provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on usage and browser compatibility, and it’s all right there in your browser!

FireScope CodeBurner’s core functionality is centered around a new Reference panel, which contains a search tool for looking up HTML elements, attributes, and CSS properties. The tool also hooks into context-menus in the HTML and CSS panels, the DOM crumbtrail, and the Inspector, adding options to look up a selected item (ie. search for it in the Reference panel) or to view a code example. For more information, screenshots and to download the extension, please visit the FireScope CodeBurner homepage.

A screenshot of CodeBurner, showing the Reference tab open in its default view

Written by yours truly, FireScope CodeBurner adds to the already-impressive range of tools available in Firebug, to further confirm its place as the single most useful development tool available to web developers.

But what about other browsers…? Well, for users of Internet Explorer, there’s the SitePoint Web Slices and Accelerator for IE8. And if there’s sufficient demand, we may develop other tools as well — such as toolbars for Internet Explorer and Opera, or maybe a standalone version for Firefox that doesn’t rely on Firebug. Would that be useful to you? Please do let us know!

We’re very interested to hear what you think of FireScope CodeBurner — the things you like about it, the things you don’t care for so much, or any new features you think it should have. Please do comment below, or if you’d prefer to make your views more privately please email us at

Most of all we really hope you enjoy using FireScope CodeBurner as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together. We’ll be writing about the development process in the near future.

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James is a freelance web developer based in the UK, specialising in JavaScript application development and building accessible websites. With more than a decade's professional experience, he is a published author, a frequent blogger and speaker, and an outspoken advocate of standards-based development.

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