By Alyssa Gregory

Using Internet Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Business

By Alyssa Gregory

Internet MarketingFor many of us, the term Internet marketing can be considered a dirty phrase. You may think of the practices Internet marketers use as being unethical, misleading and maybe even slimy. But the truth is, there are unethical, misleading and slimy people in every field.

If you take some of the common practices Internet marketers use at face value and modify them to fit your own business practices and values, you may find some great things to incorporate into your marketing plans. Here are a few ideas.

Perfect Your Content


Internet marketers are known for providing a lot of content with a very direct and clear call to action. Writing this type of strong and action-oriented content — and writing it well — can make a huge difference in the level of qualified attention you attract. And while you’re at it, spend some time researching your target keywords, and optimizing your content for those phrases.

Write and Distribute Press Releases

Writing press releases is not a new practice, but there are a lot of ways to get a bigger bang for your announcements. Start a system of writing press releases for every event, new service and notable project you do. Then use a few online press release distribution sites to get the word out faster and further than you could do on your own.

Collect Contact Information

Whether you have a newsletter or e-mail campaign you regularly send out to your clients, or if your messages are more infrequent, give interested prospects a way to submit their contact information and add themselves to your list. You may not know who is browsing your site, but by getting people to share their contact details (for a free report or consultation), you can create a list of potential clients worth your time and energy to pursue.

Use Social Media

You can promote your business through social media without being considered a spammer. Offer information of value to those in your network — either by writing blog posts yourself or sharing articles posted by others — that isn’t directly related to your own products and services. By focusing on information-sharing and collaboration, you will be able to create positive recognition for your name and expand your network.

Promise Results

Internet marketers are known for providing a guarantee. They will promise your satisfaction or offer you some incentive if you’re not happy. You can follow a similar practice in your business, by guaranteeing your clients’ satisfaction during and after a project by offering a support/bug fixing term, and assuring your clients you won’t disappear once the project reaches completion.

Let Others Speak for You

Internet marketing copy is frequently sprinkled with testimonials. Every person who confirms the usefulness of the product or service helps to move the undecided to a purchase decision. Ask your own clients for testimonials and then make them available to potential clients on your site or as part of your portfolio. To take it one step further, if your clients are willing to speak on your behalf, provide their contact information as references to help potential clients make the decision to hire you.

Have you incorporated Internet marketing techniques into your marketing plan? What tactics have worked? What else would you add to the list?

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  • Pretty generalized ;), but ironic because I just finished a really in-depth article that goes into more detail about internet marketing: http://www.garysimon.net/how-to-make-money-online

  • Good article, but you could write a whole book on each of the points you mention. Heck many IMers do that and sell it for $200 each when it’s free information, really. :-)

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    Great tips. I’m using these to revamp some of the MindBites.com marketing emails.

  • Or you could combine them into one book and call it Online Marketing Inside Out ;)

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