Instant Perspective

Well, my wife had a healthy baby boy at 6:32 am EST this morning. It’s our second, and (pending a big surprise) last child.

When I first started the entrepreneurial route, my wife and I had a philosophical discussion that went like this: What if we lose all of our money by pursuing this venture? And ultimately we concluded that, worst case, we’d rent out a trailer and work hard to eventually get back on our feet. But we still had each other, and we’d still enjoy the ride.

I feel blessed to have a terrific family and work that I love. And good health.


Maybe pithy and certainly not a blog entry that’s going to generate more sales for anyone reading it, but perspective is a big part of the game.

Back to the real work, which at this moment happens to be driving my wife’s knitting project back to the hospital, as she forgot it in the rush of her water breaking….