By Harry Fuecks

Impressed by PHP

By Harry Fuecks

Via Keith, Russell Beattie: “PHP Web Projects Continue to Impress Me”.

why is Java web programming not keeping up?

I think it’s because PHP programmers want to get stuff done and Java programmers are geeks who want do stuff the “right” way. I’m getting sick of being in the latter camp.

  • I could post a shedful of reasons why PHP is (seemingly) greater than Java for web programming.
    However I have one query; isn’t this where Python seems to fit in best? That is to say it has the simplicity and ease of use that you’d expect from PHP but also a more Java orientated approach.
    Or am I way off the mark here? Admittedly I have only just began to look at Python.
    (I guess PHP advocates would probably point me to PHP5…)

  • These days I have to admit I often spend too much time trying to do things “right” in PHP.

    Oh for a standard web app framework from day 1…

  • isn’t this where Python seems to fit in best?

    Yes and no. Personally really like Python: a really well designed language, without the “niggles” of PHP.

    Meanwhile PHP is everywhere and when it comes to solving web problems, some one has usually “done it” somewhere, and made it Open Source. That can count for much time saved.

    Guess the main difference is Python is a general purpose language while PHP has always been, first and foremost, for the web.

    For developers coming from a Java background, guess it’s a tricky choice, even from a trivial glance: you can write PHP which looks alot like Java – learning curve should be short. At the same time, lack of, say, built in namespaces in PHP may make Python, with it’s more usual syntax, more appealing.

    John Lim recently posted some interesting thoughts here.

  • j.k

    Python is much better than PHP. Even in the web-programming.

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