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IETab – Gold!

Hats off to Hong Jen Yee.

Forget catching tigers by the tail — this clever coder and friends have put together an extension able to tame the might of Internet Explorer within a humble Firefox tab. Magic.

Operation is as simple as it gets.

  • Install it
  • Go to a site
  • Right click and scroll to ‘View this page in IETab’

IETab: Right click to accessLike the eminently useful IEView, the extension automatically launches IE and loads your URL into it, only with IETab this all happen neatly contained within a Firefox tab. In fact, the only evidence that tells you you’re not using the Gecko engine to view the page is the tell-tale IE icon on the tab.

Yes, it’s a little thing, even a simple thing but if you’ve spent any serious time debugging browser bugs, the simplicity of flipping between tabs rather than entire applications can’t be under-estimated.

IETab also give you the ability to add sites to a list of URLs you want to always view in IE. Handy for those dodgy bank sites that get grumpy if you’re not using IE.

IETab Demo

As far as I know, this is the first release, so you could expect to see some polish with the interface as it develops, but I think it’s a great start.

We are not worthy.

And the greatest chuckle? IE now has tabbed browsing in Firefox before it has it natively.

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