IE8, ACID2 and You

This is a bit of a follow-on to the feedback from the initial IE8-is-here post. First, on ACID2, see this post from the IE team. If you aren’t in the clicking mood, the short answer is that you need to use the official one due to security constraints baked into IE8.

As for the “what is the IE team focusing on” angle, see my post on the keynote for a more extant description of what the IE team is saying about IE8.

Third, if you wish to take part in the IE8 technical beta, see this post from the IE team.

And finally, insofar as installing it, the best plan is to download one of the IE compatibility virtual machines and upgrade it to IE8. It definitely touches alot of deep, system type things so I wouldn’t consider running it on a production box. Now, if I can catch anyone on the IE team here, I’ll put a bug in their ear about distributing a VM for IE8.

Now to find breakfast . . .