By Kevin Yank

IE7 beta 2 bumped to 2006

By Kevin Yank

Word on the street (original source) is that Windows Vista beta 2, which was slated for a December 7th release, is being pushed to January or February next year.

The public release of Internet Explorer 7 beta 2, the first release of the new browser to be available to the Web development public, was slated to be tied to Vista beta 2, so this news may well mean that we won’t get a good look at the many CSS rendering fixes in the browser for another few months at least.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Any other (larger) sites citing this information? Neowin posted that two days ago, but even Slashdot hasn’t a thread yet, speculative or not.

  • Here’s the original source: Exclusive: Microsoft Hits Windows Vista Beta 2 Delays. This news is still unconfirmed, but I’m betting it won’t stay that way for long.

  • Why doesn’t Microsoft at least release the last beta version then? At least to keep us happy and allow us to see anything they’ve fixed so far.

  • I’m in no hurry to negotiate through the minefield of bugs the first release of IE7 will no doubt foist upon us harried coders. They can release it in 2007 for all I care.

  • I’m happy to say that I haven’t noticed any bugs so far in th Beta 1 version. It does render CSS a lot nicer though which is a bonus. The fact of the matter is that if you dont use hacks to render your pages, then you probably wont notice the difference at all except now you have some new toys to play with.

  • Microsoft has a long history of hitting the date, regardless if the code is right.

    I’m happy to let them delay as long as needed, just so long as it’s bug free when it’s released.

    AND, I want it a mandatory download on windows update. The sooner we get rid of IE 5 and IE 6, the better.

  • ikeo

    surprise surprise … microsoft missed another deadline …

  • martin23

    Who cares?

    I will stay carry on with firefox.

  • I will stay carry on with firefox.

    I wonder if the release of Firefox 1.5 had anything to do with the date change? It would be nice to see more cross browser similarities between the FF and IE.

  • Ian

    There are still too mahy user using ie6 or below, for us css developers ie7 should have been out ages ago. The sooner they release this as a mandatory update the better.

  • Andy Hume

    I think Microsoft are right to hold back Beta 2 until they’ve got something they want to show. There was a huge kerfuffle when B1 didn’t deliver on bug fixes from IE6, and MS have said they’re going to get something done about this. Let’s let them get on with it and judge it when they’re ready for developer input.

  • ian

    It would be nice to see more cross browser similarities between the FF and IE.

    The only similarities that i like between FF nd IE7 is the tabbed browsing, It should end there.

  • cb

    if they force out ie 7 to replace ie 5 chances are that the old machines running it won’t be able to handle the app and that will only work if microsoft decides to release it for older OS

  • Matt

    It may have been pushed back, but you can give the Beta 2 Preview a try though if you would like:

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