By Kevin Yank

IE7 Beta 1 release date set

By Kevin Yank

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 will be released at the same time as the first betas of Windows Vista (n


  • Damn! Just 3 days before I go on holiday. Anyhow, this is great news! I can’t wait to see what work Microsoft has put in IE7 and Vista.

  • MarkB

    Will ‘normal’ people be able to get their hands on Vista? Or will it be windows professionals, etc, only?

  • I was also about to ask that. How does one lay hands on the betas?

  • an00bis

    The Windows Vista website says to check back on August 3rd:

    Windows Vista Beta
    Beta 1, targeted at developers and IT professionals, will be available by August 3rd 2005.

    Check back here for all the details.

  • I expect the betas of Vista and Longhorn Server will only be available to invited beta testers (although there is talk of Vista Beta 1 being available to MSDN Premium subscribers).

    The IE7 Beta, on the other hand, will definitely be public. The official IE Blog would be the best place to watch for news.

  • hughitt1

    If new IE supports CSS & PNG i would be in heaven. : )

    As for the Windows formally known as longhorn, there have been leaked beta builds floating around for a couple years now. From what i gather it seems to be bigger, and slower, but with a pretty watch-looking clock on the right side of the screen :)

    Some sites with info & screenshots if anyone is interested:

  • One week after the arrival of my new machine. Should I wipe XP Home (yuck!) and replace it with VISTA?!? Reminds me of when I got a hold of a copy of Windows NT 5. Installation was great. Booting? That was another thing altogether.

  • hughitt1:

    the clock/sidebar is being dropped from longhorn/vista as far as I know

  • MarkDHarris

    Was just readin on their blog and they said “Since we have no plans to do native rounded corner support in IE7 (CSS3 feature), I want to point out that there is an article available on MSDN that shows you how you can easily and efficiently implement rounded corners with IE today.” Appears IE7 is going to be another proprietary piece of crap.

  • Quote:
    “the clock/sidebar is being dropped from longhorn/vista as far as I know”

    WHAT it’s Microsft best improvment to Windows since the addition of Pinball!

  • If they made the development of IE7 a contineous one, much like Mozilla…instead of just releasing it and loafing on it, I believe it would become a more stable and credibly product in the sense that they will contineously try to fix it and make it better.

  • honeybuzzer

    Here’s a post that lists some of the bugs will be fixed and some of the CSS 2.1 stuff that will be supported:

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