IBM Looks to Contribute to Firefox

By Blane Warrene

Reported through several outlets yesterday — IBM is looking to hire a developer for its advanced technology group who can contribute to the upstart web browser.

IBM is seeking to insure Firefox works with all of its applications across multiple platforms as well as shoring up its Workplace initiative. Workplace , which according to CNet IBM is spending $100 million on just to insure Linux computers can utilize it, is a project that brings IM, office suite and other applications to a central server through which users across various platforms access solely via web browser.

  • Seems slightly strange.

    Firefox is, for the most part, supportive of established standards. Wouldn’t it make more sense to throw that resource at making Workplace to work on Firefox, rather than the other way around?

  • Thats an incredible boost for firefox, to get that kind of intellectual and financial backing from a very large corporation is significant.

    Look out IE!!!

  • Wow. IBM looks to be really targeting Microsoft with this. FireFox has become a pawn in this great game…

    Though, a very willing pawn, certainly. Mozilla is no doubt extremely excited about this.

  • Anonymous

    [QUOTE]Look out IE!!![/QUOTE]

    IE?? Whats that… :lol:

    Congratulation to IBM for taking an interest, good things can only come out of this. Btw, I’m a die hard IBM fan ;)

  • I do think that is part of it Alex. But also at the higher enterprise levels – standards (for the “web” at least) can fall down the list of prioritities due to time constraints and other pressures. Though ‘do it right from the start’ is a valid argument to that – when an enterprise has a captive audience and controls hardware assets – they then can build for one end client app without concern over cross-browser or platform issues in many cases. IBM has done that and is likely looking to undo that in this case as well.

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