I Promised Some Embarrassing 99designs Singing Action–And Here It Is …

By Shayne Tilley

A couple of weeks ago, we pulled out all stops to help the 99designs team win a Webby award. At the time I mentioned that if they did end up winning, they had agreed to sing Queen’s “We are the champions” on a busy Melbourne street — busy enough for it to be embarrassing.

With the win in the bag, cameras rolled, throats cleared, and the deal was honored …

Thanks from 99designs: “We are the champions” from 99designs on Vimeo.

  • Great stuff. Congratulations guys!

    Love the fact that Lucas had no problem stepping up onto a cafe’s table on the way past, and didn’t miss a note!

  • I was a little lost without turntables and headphones to be honest.

  • spikeZ

    10/10 guys and girls!
    Kept your end up with pride, well done :D

  • I’d have been more impressed if it was Elizabeth Street. Stuff like that happens on Smith Street every day :P

    Still, all congratulations guys :) Makes up for that robbed McFarlane award!

  • I lol’d. Nice work, fellas.

  • jamesscott2005

    Absolute Genius! Love it. Big congrats to you all.

  • AndrewCooper

    That was indeed a 10 / 10! Brilliant work and well done on the Webby Award! The video was very professional too! ;)

  • Andre

    OH-EM-GEE GUYS! This is probably the most hilarious thing I’ve seen this year. Almost fell out of my chair! Congrats guys, and also, this video shows just how real and down to earth you people really are. Not just because you’re a successful site means you’ve gotta be all “up-tight” and “serious”. You guys are the best!

  • chadavan

    This is the kind of culture I’d like for my business someday… Congrats!

  • SanFranGal

    Three words: FAB – U – LOUS! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations Guys – very amusing :)

  • Tim

    I hope that person works in the chicken suit all day long. Love the guitar hero guitars! Only thing I “missed” was we didn’t get hear the guys actually singing! Maybe that was for the better.

  • ghost_swg

    Epic! That was awesome!!! Where was this? (Maybe I should RTFA?)

  • NotATroll

    That was pretty spectacular. I particularly liked the first 30 seconds, the chicken and the Prince / Fresh Prince of Belair cross lookalike.

    My only gripe is that there is safety in numbers, therefore not really that embarrassing. Plus I didn’t really hear anyones singing voice :P

    Congrats on the Webby!!!

  • FormerGenius

    Ditto Chadavan and Andre. Good to see that the Sitepoint crew have a great sense of humour.
    Congrats on the award!

  • tokyoterri

    and おめでとうございます! (congratulations;-)

  • georgina

    Hysterical :) Excellent work making a street-stopping scene in Smith St, where scenes are de rigueur ;) Congratulations! Oh, and on the Webby too…

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