From Web to Desktop: Elevate Your Skills and Win!

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Did you know that you could use your CSS, HTML and JavaScript skills to build a desktop app? If you’re a web designer or developer, then you’re going to want to download our latest Adobe AIR tutorial direct to your brain, Matrix-style!

Imagine developing an app where you don’t have to worry about the constraints of cross-browser compatibility! Imagine being free to style not only the contents inside the window, but the window itself! Imagine all the people … (oops, apologies to John Lennon!)

You can probably tell that I’m pretty excited about our latest article. It’s called “Take Your CSS to the Desktop With Adobe AIR,” and was written by SitePoint’s own Andrew Tetlaw (author of the Tech Times). In it, he shows you how to create your own living, breathing desktop app. In fact, it’s an app that some of you might even find useful—a desktop app for receiving notifications from Flippa, the newly launched marketplace for buying and selling web sites.

Building this app was Andrew’s first foray into developing with AIR, and according to him it was an eye-opening experience and actually quite easy to do.

If you’re also new to developing with Adobe AIR, then be sure to take the quiz at the end of the tutorial to see how much new knowledge you’ve absorbed. You might even win a prize! In partnership with Adobe, we’re giving away a print copy of Getting Started With Adobe Flex 3 to the first 100 people to complete the quiz. But you’d better get in quick—it’s first come, first served, and the last time we gave copies of this book they were snapped up in no time.

Having this handbook in your library is an asset if you want to be able to build applications of any magnitude for the Adobe Flash Platform; from simple widgets to complicated, multi featured RIAs. The article is just the tip of the iceberg for what is possible.

Read the article and take the quiz now … then start building some funky desktop apps!

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