By Harry Fuecks

HTTP over SOAP?!?

By Harry Fuecks

Ever run into W3 drafts like SOAP Resource Representation Header and start wondering if this is the Next Big Thing because it makes no sense?

Relax – Tim Bray provides some reality here.

Further sanity can be found at MIME-RPC: Object Messaging via MIME.

  • NativeMind

    Well, I’m thinking this has to do a lot with SOAP messages that are associated with various resources/transports/attachments. Obviously, HTTP over SOAP doesn’t make much sense (I’m sending SOAP over HTTP, and btw, here’s some HTTP info in my SOAP header?).

    But what about, I’m sending SOAP over SIP (RFC 3261) and by the way, here’s some relevant SIP data for the SOAP based application. Microsoft already likes SIP (as per their announcements about Live Communications Server) and the fact that MSN Messenger is SIP based. SIP is HTTP like, but used for setting up sessions between things.

    The items described in the draft document are very similar to the way a SIP proxy is described in its RFC… you can look at this header, but not modify it, or you can strip this header and add your own.

    SIP over SOAP might be an interesting way to traverse a firewall that only has port 80 open if you could get both the SIP signalling over port 80 and the RTP stream.

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