By Andrew Neitlich

How your gut instincts can help you sell and market

By Andrew Neitlich

Studies show that physicians generally start out in their career ordering too many tests. Then, as they get more experienced, they order fewer than average. Their gut instincts have developed, and they get pretty good at diagnosing patients without a bunch of unnecessary tests.

Hopefully you, too, have developed your instincts for your business. However, in this case, your instincts should tell you:

– When your pipeline is looking a bit weak and you need to market. Here, your instincts should send you signals of fear and insecurity when the time is right to get more active.

– When a prospect will buy and when they are just “kicking the tires.” That way, you know which opportunities to pursue and which aren’t worth the time.

– When you need to upgrade or broaden your offerings.

– When you need to upgrade your client list.

– When you need to improve your service.

– When you should or shouldn’t trust a client, vendor, or potential business partner.

– When you need to save or protect financial reserves for a while.

– When you can sit back and relax for a while. My gut instincts almost never tell me that I can. What about yours?

Develop and trust your instincts. They can send you strong signals about what to do next.

What are your instincts telling you now? (Please limit comments to your business, not whether you are hungry or other things).

  • I needed to read this. Today, after a week of hesitation, I dumped a lot of money (all my server-related profit in fact) into hiring a professional team to take care of our servers. Trying to balance development work with server management was keeping me up 40 hours at a time and, because of that already-taxing commitment, marketing more servers was the last thing on my mind. Couldn’t ignore that gut feeling that this was the right thing to do though. Now with a renewed desire to sell more servers (used to dread the workload), I’m confident this move will pay for itself in a few short months. Thanks.

  • pdxi

    I’ve been doing business with mostly the same clients for over a year. My gut instinct is telling me to broaden my client pool, but another gut instinct is telling me that I need to diversify my offerings and learn how to appeal to an entirely new and different group of prospects.

    I’m not sure how I will do this, but I’m waiting for another gut instinct to come my way.

    True story! :)

  • My instincts are telling me to specialize, and offer an unique design service to “design-challenged” web developers and web development companies, rather than trying to provide all kinds of design services.

    Quite opposite than pdxi :)

  • My gut tells me, for a while, to have a professional and experienced marketing person. We are pretty good at it even today, but we are only catering to a set of customer, which is good since its a repeat client, but not having the share of bigger pie… I know that my instinct is right; now waiting for it to tell me where to find the person ;)

    (Also, I have a client who’s been difficult and very demanding, my gut tells me not to work with his company, but I am still continuing… hope is a cruel thing, I suppose, but who to listen gut or hope?)

    Thanks for the article, it was good!

  • bkolstad

    Life’s too short to work with jerks! Examine your client base. Who are the clients that you love working with? What clients inspire you to pull out all the stops and deliver something really great? Once you can clearly define your ideal client, market to them! How many great clients would you need to double your income?

  • Hi,

    While working in office, some time my gut feeling says me to keep away from some body. If I get close to them, then I feel I am put down. I follow my instincts to choose friends in my office. Somebody will get close to me so naturally and somebody will get against me so naturally. I follow my instincts to have a balanced approach. Even during interviews, I follow my gut feeling to choose a company. which is always land me in perfect position. Instinct is a communication beyond verbal

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