How well do you handle interruptions?

Today yet another basic lesson about customer service comes up.

I’m sitting with a videographer/developer going through 2 hours of video clips. This is hard word as we are isolating still photos for a book.

The phone rings. He excuses himself to take the call. He comes back, apologizes, and we have to take a few minutes to figure out where we were.

The phone rings again. He takes the call again.

He ends up taking 3 or 4 calls during this session. He was apologetic, and noted that the calls netted him about $7,000 in business, but still….

When you are with a client, focus on that client. They have taken the trouble to come and visit you in person, not the caller. If you have an urgent call you know is coming, tell the client ahead of time. Otherwise, let your voice mail handle it.

Simple stuff.