By Fernando Tinoco

How to Write Better JavaScript

By Fernando Tinoco

340 million tweets are sent globally on any given day. The JavaScript event triggered every time the blue button is clicked on is largely the responsibility of Angus Croll, co-author of Twitter’s Flight Framework and member of Twitter’s Web Core team.

In this exclusive interview, he offers his best tips for programmers to write better JavaScript and explains performance gains achieved by moving away from an MVC architecture.


Part 1 – Three tips to write better JS

Next parts coming soon

This interview was recorded at Web Directions Code 2013, in Melbourne, Australia. Save $100 with the code SITEPOINT when you register to the upcoming Web Directions South, to be held in Sydney, October 2013

  • Colin

    Subtitles would be wonderful, I’m hard of hearing – but also helps those with a different accent or different first language.

  • Anonymous

    they already have closed captions

  • Colin

    There’s “automatic captions” i.e. machine speech to text. Impressive, but about as useful as Google Translate – most of the time, laughable. Google makes adding proper CC easy – given the transcript, it will automatically line it up with its own speech to text effort, so you don’t need to add time (sync) info to the transcript.

  • coda89

    Read the source code and ready the bloody spec. :)

  • irfan

    thanks for the good tips, quite useful video.

  • Anonymous

    Question experts, always good advice.

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