By Matt Mickiewicz

How-to Track Global Search Trends

By Matt Mickiewicz

Google is now providing trendinig data for every keyword in their database.

Try this:
1. Visit the keyword tool
2. Enter a keyword such as “PHP”
3. From the drop-down menu select


Google will show a bar shart that shows the total search volume by month, as well as the months in which the search volume is the highest.

  • weirdmonkey


    (too bad it does not give you the exact number of search per month)

  • Hmm, useful info. Terrible interface though. The dropdown doesn’t appear unless you select the “Get More Keywords” button first, and is positioned over to the right whilst the estimates then appears to the left. Confusing!

  • too bad it’s not giving any cost and position estimatets yet.

  • craig34

    Do you have to be an AdWords member to see this? I’m having a hard time getting past the step where I select keywords…

  • Yes, I also have no idea how to get past the selection of keywords. If I sign up for a 0 dollar spending limit then will I get to see the data? What if I just put in like 5 bucks and let it run out?

    A little more information would be greatly appreciated.

  • I don’t think you need an AdWords account because there’s a button on the right hand side that says “Sign up With These KeyWords”.

    You just have to type in a keyword, click “Get more keywords” and then use the drop down menu to select and select “global search volume trends”.

  • It shows No Data but graphic

  • Davina

    And the point of this is, how does it help, is the list in an order? How many times have those been searched? Rubbish

  • Steve

    If you can’t log in, there’s a screenshot here. Very cool.

  • jnoneiliv1

    Interesting, not quite the absolute measurement hinted by Matt’s choice of the words “total search volume”, but very good proportional measurements.

    You can see the relative popularity of each keyword compared to each other as measured proportionaly, and the 12 month trend as each month is plotted against the rolling 12 month average.

    A little more obscure to interpret, but you can also see Advertiser Competition shown graphicaly.

    If you download to the CSV file the graphs are represented numericaly either as percent or some proportional measurement. Too bad the scale for the baseline for each set of keywords would not be the same accross several batches of 8.

  • jnoneiliv1

    Oops, the keyword list is as long as there are relevant phrases. I just found a keyword phrase in my industry with very little Advertiser Competition but relatively high search popularity that does not appear in the free overture keyword popularity list.


  • zia

    good stats!!!
    but very confusing

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting tool and stats! But it would have been much better if they could have provided the actual figures alongwith the graphics. Nevertheless a very useful tool.

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    Indeed a very nice tool.

    Nice post and very helpful too. Thanks for sharing with us.

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  • Franky17

    Now that overture has been taken down :( why would they do that, you can use wordtracker search tool

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