By Andrew Neitlich

How to stay focused and resilient in the face of adversity

By Andrew Neitlich

Well, it appears as if Hurricane Ivan is now approaching my neck of the woods, after two previous hurricanes left us relatively unscathed (a down tree, a damaged screen, and some squished frogs/lizards caught between our door jams).

It is quite hard to focus on business these days, what with an 8-month pregnant wife, a toddler, and two dogs to think about evacuating, keeping cool if the electricity fails, and keeping safe if we stay and serious damage happens. Plus living in Florida is not what we bargained for.

But there’s nothing to do but keep on working while hoping for the best. Clients are expecting deliverables. No time for drama or distraction.


It quite easy to get distracted, frustrated, and even paralyzed when it comes to business.

What’s the “hurricane” keeping you from being fully productive? How are you dealing with it?

  • Having lived in South Florida for 27 years and endured numerous hurricanes in my day, I’m pretty jaded to the whole media-induced fear frenzy associated with them. As long as you’re smart about things you’ll be fine. Out of curiosity, where in FL do you live?

    As you say, there’s no time for drama or distraction. I guess my biggest “hurricane” in life is myself. Having intense ADHD is great for creativity, but hampers the hell out of a consistent work routine! I constantly find myself getting distracted from deliverables and focusing on new, more interesting things – designing concept cars, making random personal websites, posting to your blog, or whatever. That’s where having a staff to pick up your loose ends comes in handy! :)

  • School! I’m now in my 4th year at ASU and if I want to stay on track and graduate next may I need to focus on doing well. In addition to that I’ve got my regular day job to worry about. This doesn’t leave much time for focusing on attracting clients. But I’m still young so it’s okay. :)

  • Living in Orlando, I can safely say that my “hurricane” is currently the hurricane season. It seems like every weekend we’re losing power, negotiating evacuations, dodging falling objects (last one was a tree limb that came crashing down on my front step), and negotiating evacuations for friends living out on the coast. It’s exhausting.

    To Andrew, transio, and anyone else in Florida reading this: best of luck with Ivan. Let’s all hope this is the last one for the year.

  • anubishh

    My University, i was supposed to graduate last semester, I still have a year and a half :(. The problem is that I don’t learn anything there. Infact, I could teach most of our teachers. They know noting about technology. God knows how they earned their CS PHD.

  • Dano

    Here, in Sudamerica there are no hurricanes (but we have better disasters…)

    Well, I was called to write when i read “with an 8-month pregnant wife, a toddler…” I have a 3 years old daughter and an 8-month pregnant wife too.

    Once, we were talking with my wife’s doctor about some lab results, because i thought there was something wrong.
    I read the printed results:
    “white globulos
    normal 10.000.000
    you 4.000.000

    “red globulos
    normal 3.000.000
    you 1.000

    normal 100.000
    you 5.000.000

    or something like that.

    Doc said: “take it easy, A PREGNANT WOMAN IS NOT A HUMAN BEING, i know you understand what i say… in any sense”



  • JR

    Counterstrike is really something that distracts me. I start playing and the time just blows by and before you know it two hours are gone. This is something I really need to work on.

  • Ozcan Dogan

    “It is quite hard to focus on business these days, what with an 8-month pregnant wife, a toddler, and two dogs to …”

    – The real hard work starts when that baby sticks its head into this world.


    Aaah yes, the late night wake ups,
    the dream state one is in while juggling the baby and work.

    Good luck with your new child when it arrives.

  • Madden 2004

    ’nuff said.

  • Bobby

    One more hurricane?

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