34 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

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spring cleaningThis time of year with the changing seasons is a great time to get re-invigorated and inspired, and it can be infectious. As you tackle your annual spring cleaning tasks, go beyond dusting the ceiling and pulling out the grill, and let the clean-up trickle into your business.

Here are some things you might have been putting off in your business but have the potential to help you shake off the winter woes and get a renewed enthusiasm for the season of growth and new beginnings.

  1. Clean off your desk.
  2. File the piles of paper cluttering your office.
  3. Plan a 3-month goal check-in to review your progress on 2010 goals.
  4. Get rid of “rolling” tasks by getting them done, delegating the work or removing them from your list entirely.
  5. Develop a new process to track ideas and inspirations.
  6. Clean up/organize your computer files.
  7. Check on the integrity of your backed up data.
  8. Freshen up your business card, website and other marketing materials.
  9. Review client agreements, and act on any revisions/renewals that need to be made.
  10. Send out account balance statements for any unpaid invoices.
  11. Backup your social networking accounts.
  12. Change your passwords.
  13. Get rid of unnecessary ongoing business expenses.
  14. Develop a new personal project to enrich your sense of accomplishment.
  15. Make sure you’re all paid up on your professional organization membership fees.
  16. Review and update your list of products and services.
  17. Set up a process for online reputation management.
  18. Review your RSS feeds and unsubscribe from anything you haven’t read in over a month.
  19. Schedule a meeting with a colleague, or even competitor, to explore a collaborative effort.
  20. Update your portfolio.
  21. Use a wiki to create project workspaces and track information.
  22. Pull out the business books you got for Christmas that are collecting dust and start reading.
  23. Review and update your social networking profiles.
  24. Create a list of quick DIY marketing activities and commit to doing one each week.
  25. Create a new organization, filing and processing system for your email.
  26. Make a list of software you want to upgrade and plan when to do it.
  27. Ask for client testimonials.
  28. Run updates, maintenance processes, and virus scans on your computer and commit to doing it on a regular basis going forward.
  29. Update your WordPress plugins.
  30. Review and update your email rules and filters.
  31. Write and practice your elevator speech.
  32. Start your search for a much-needed subcontractor.
  33. Take a free online class to advance your knowledge.
  34. Run connection/follow/friend maintenance on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

What do you plan to do to spring clean your business?

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