How to Inspire Your Team

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teamworkIf you have staff, subcontractors or co-workers you manage, keeping up the team morale is vital. How you manage others will determine how each member of the team will function together, whether or not team members will respect each other, and the level of excitement that’s generated about work.

As a team leader, you are responsible for setting the tone of the team. If you need to adjust the team dynamic, try adapting the principles of team inspiration below to your own team environment.

Communicate Well and Consistently

Good communication is not only about being clear, concise and coherent when you communicate, but also listening well. If you aren’t taking the time to listen and understand what your team members are saying, you will have a difficult time inspiring them to action. Being consistent in what you communicate and how you communicate will make others more likely to listen you.

Treat Team Members as Individuals

It’s important to manage your team as a cohesive unit, but that doesn’t mean each team member should lose their individuality. Get to know your team members on a individual level so you can understand their work and management preferences. Tailoring your approach for each team member will make them feel valued and appreciated.

Be Compassionate

Not every issue managed in a team environment is work-related. Make sure you understand that your team members will have personal challenges and needs aside from their work and be compassionate about their individual challenges.

Encourage Input, Participation and Involvement

No one wants to be a part of a dictatorship. The best teams are those with a spread of power, so give your team members a chance to contribute to the team initiatives and have ownership of their own work.

Be Willing to Believe, Trust and Respect

Micromanaging will undermine every attempt you may make to inspire your team. Once you have assembled your team and provided the tools they need to complete their work, step back and trust that they will do what you believe they are capable of by using their unique strengths.

Show Your Inspiration

Let your team members see your inspiration through your excitement, passion and positivity. Share every win and every celebration to create an infectious energy that will feed the inspiration.

How do you inspire your team to work hard and take pride in their work?

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