By Andrew Neitlich

How to get more revenue per customer

By Andrew Neitlich


Please see the above article, if you haven’t already. It’s an overview of a strategic approach to segmenting and focusing on your customers.


  • This is really a working strategy. I think the only thing that can hold you back is if you need money asap and the bottom actually pays earlier. This happened to me at the middle of 2004. In November I gave a chance for a steady job but it didn’t work. But at least I had to “fire” the bottom. Now I have only 3 clients but our relationship is awesome. I want my business to grow so I don’t stop marketing and direct contacts. I decided that my target market is web development companies creating complex portals. There are some other criterias also so I shortened my contact list by 85%.

  • This article gave me good idea’s to improve relations now and in the future. Thanks.

  • JZA

    So any personal CRM solution needed?

  • aneitlich

    JZA — Great question. I have a small enough profitable client list that I know who to focus on without any automation. I keep my business cards in my desk drawer, and barely notice when my 2 year old takes them out and throws them in our pool. No Palm Pilot, or anything like that.

    But what else works for me is:

    – An autoresponder for smaller clients (e.g. people who buy my book/programs)
    – Marketing reminders to remind me by email when to carry out key tasks over time

    And then software like ACT! should handle the rest depending on size of your client list.

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