By Matt Mickiewicz

How to Boost Your Ad Revenue 70-110%, Automatically!

By Matt Mickiewicz

Did you know Google AdSense allows for 9 billion different layout/size/color combinations of its ad units? Do you know which one is the best for your site, or for that matter, which ad network will make you the most money at any point during the day?

PubMatic, a new service that just launched in “Alpha Mode”, will help you answer those questions by dynamically optimizing the ad space on your site.

Currently they work with Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, ValueClick, and Komli — and they are planning on adding additional ad networks in the future.

As part of the Alpha launch, they are looking to recruit 100 innnovative publishers. If they can replicate their early results, this could be boon to publishers everywhere who continually struggle to find and optimize their ad inventory across multiple networks.

  • phrenetical

    I signed up to test it but looks like it has some flaws

    1. it picks your ad colours, you can’t set them specifically.
    2. It uses a system to determine which ads to show based of highest cpc from the different ad networks, the downside is to see any benefit you need to be registered with all of them.
    3. adds another javascript layer to serving ads, performance hit maybe.

    good points

    – easy to track ads, much better then google adsense stats
    – easy to register and set-up

  • Biju

    I just tried them, sound to be good. I am just confused what actually are they gaining from this service provided.

    Is this in beta phase, henceforth free.

  • phrenetical

    well they will start charging a monthly fee if enough publishers start increasing their revenue and provide testimonials.

    Or they can leave it free and gain a huge loyalty base and reap the advertising revenue benefits.

    They are testing the waters so to speak, it is a good product for US people who are registered on all those ad networks, but the testing I’ve done with it already has not shown any results because I only use adsense for the moment.

    I can see alot of people signing up to yahoo through this service also so I wonder if they are getting commissions, as when you sign up there are alot of buttons asking you to join those publisher networks. If they get enough people joining all the networks they could leave the service free and live off the referrals earnings.

  • Anonymous

  • Rajeev Goel

    My name is Rajeev Goel. I’m a co-founder and General Manager of PubMatic. Thanks Matt for the post. I’d like to take this opportunity to address some of the comments above.

    PubMatic is designed to help small and medium sized publishers simplify the process of selling their ad inventory while ensuring that they get maximum revenue. We think that selling ad inventory has become really complex for publishers, and we’re providing automated tools to simplify this problem.

    To address some of the specific comments above:
    – You can select a specific color scheme for your text ads. In the Ad Tag Setup page, you can specify a fixed color scheme of your choosing or you can let PubMatic optimize colors for you.
    – You do not need to be registered with all of the ad networks we support. We support many ad networks to provide publishers with choice. However, you can auction your ad inventory with only 2 ad networks. Or you can let PubMatic optimize the color of your text ads with just one ad network. Either way, you do not need an account for all ad networks.
    – PubMatic ad tags do require the use of javascript, however in most cases we actually speed up ad serving. Many publishers use a ‘waterfall’ approach in which an ad request can be passed serially among 3 – 7 or more ad networks. With PubMatic, the user only has one request to us and then to the highest paying ad network.
    – PubMatic is free for publishers while in beta, though we may charge for the service once it’s generally available. We are still working on the details of the pricing model.

    I would be happy to answer any additional questions. Feel free to contact me directly at rajeev (dot) goel (@) pubmatic (dot) com.

  • Anonymous

    is it just a color choosing program?


  • Anonymous

    looks like someone didn’t read the article or visit the site directly for more info ;)

    1. you CAN choose any color options for your ads to match your site
    2.Its a revenue MAXIMIZER if you use 2,3,4 ad networks mentioned (Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, ValueClick, and Komli ), it will select the HIGHEST paying ad and display it on your site.


  • dford

    After signing up with this service my name appeared on a spammy page (revealed by Google Alerts). Be cautious.

  • This should be interesting

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