By Matt Mickiewicz

How slow is your website?

By Matt Mickiewicz

Broadband connections mean nothing for users if your site is slow because it’s poorly coded or thought out.

YSlow, a new plug-in that integrates with Firebug , has just been released by Yahoo’s Expectional Performance Team to help you pinpoint and fix specific trouble spots.

YSlow evaluates 13 different performance factors and provides a letter grade to each. If for any reason you fail to score a straighth ‘A’, YSlow will provide additional detail to help you solve the problem.

Let’s see how did:

YSlow in Firebug

Overall 64/100 (or a “D”) largely because we don’t use a CDN (Content Delivery Network such as Akamai) nor Entity Tags.

Aside from rating performance factors, YSlow provides useful stats on the loading size of your website, for both brand-new visitors as well as return users who might have portions of your site still in their cache. Here’s how it looks:

Components Report in YSlow

Update: All the performance rules are described on Yahoo’s site.

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