By Andrew Neitlich

How often do you pitch ideas to prospects and clients?

By Andrew Neitlich

The more successful professionals do something their less successful counterparts don’t: They pitch ideas to prospects and clients. That way, they create opportunities for work, rather than waiting for opportunities (usually price sensitive and competitively bid) to come to them.

Here is an example:

I just completed a workshop for a university in Oregon. It went well. I thought about who else would benefit from this type of workshop, and called a few old clients and prospects to talk about the workshop, the benefits it created, and how it could help them specifically. I also called an association to talk about creating a similar workshop for them that they could syndicate to members.


It’s important to be proactive.

How about you? Do you pitch ideas to prospects and clients, so that you create opportunities rather than waiting for opportunities to come to you?

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