How much time should you allocate to business development?

A Sitepoint reader asks, “What percent of your time do you allocate to business development vs. client service?”

Answer: As much as it takes.

Think outcomes, not tasks.

When my pipeline is strong and I am very busy with client work, I rely on my automated marketing systems (see latest article by me on Sitepoint), and also allocate some time to expanding my network and generating referrals.

When my pipeline is weak, I do what it takes to make it strong.

The greatest salesperson I’ve ever met is a 24-year old, unpolished high school graduate who earns $500,000 a year selling mortgages by phone.

I asked him the same question as above and his reply was:

“I call prospects three nights a week, no matter what. If my pipeline is strong, I keep calling until I get two leads. If my pipeline is weak, I keep calling until it is strong again.”

Once again: As much as it takes. Let the strength of your pipeline of upcoming deals, and your goals, determine how much time you spend on business development.

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