By Andrew Neitlich

How are you thanking clients during holiday season?

By Andrew Neitlich

Holiday season is upon us. Take a moment TODAY to list your top 5-10 clients (or those who could be in top 5-10 next year). Send them a gift to thank them for their business, invite them to lunch, or do SOMETHING to reach out and personally acknowledge their importance to you. There are plenty of online gift sources; I’ve recently used http://www.delightfuldeliveries.com with success.

Then send handwritten notes/cards to the rest of your client list, wishing them a great 2005, a great holiday season, and thanking them for their business. If you can, personalize the note with something specific to what you know about them (e.g. names of spouse/kids, good luck with a specific goal or activity, etc.).

Finally, do the same for your referral sources.

DO NOT NEGLECT TO DO THIS!!!!!! Get started today.

  • CarefreeSpirit

    One consulting company sent me burned cds with a really pretty holiday looking cover and on the inside, all the consultants signed it saying happy holidays. The cds had holiday music on it.

  • This year will be no different. I’m sending out holiday greeting cards to all of my customers, partners, vendors, and friends.

  • Desired

    Ditto. I will be sending a card and small gift, probably a box of chocolates, to all of my clients.

  • nutshell1

    another idea, which I am considering this year – is to avoid the holiday rush and send out New Year’s greetings, wishing clients and vendors a prosperous, wonderful new year. What do you think?

  • James@ProcessIT

    We’ll be sending out Christmas cards to everyone we have any kind of business relationship with at all, not just clients. We have the cards profesionally designed and printed and will write each out individually with personal messages from myself and my business partner (a massive job!)

  • Olila

    Last time I read this blog I stumpled over a recomondation of delightfuldeliveries.
    One of our partners did an outstanding job to help us this weekend – and me being such a nice guy wanted to show our appreciation by buying them a delightfulgift. So I did my shopping, but then my world fell apart.
    They did not accept VISA cards that expires after 2010 – my card expires 2010.
    I wrote them a letter and went surfing on the internet. I happend to find another giftshop http://www.zchocolat.com/. There I found some really nice chocolate and wanted to pay.. again same problem and again I wrote a letter using the contact form.
    After 20 min a recieved a letter from zchocolat telling me that they had fixed the problem plus a couple of extra lines with the usual service yada.

    But where do you think I will buy my gifts in the future?

    Any way take a look at how http://www.zchocolat.com/ as thought of every little service detail. Learn from the site – but don’t eat to much chocolate :)

    This is not in any way intended as a commercial for zchocolat.

  • aneitlich


    That’s fine. I meant to include lots of listings of different gift sites, so any suggestions (FROM PEOPLE WITHOUT A COMMERCIAL INTEREST IN THE BUSINESS BEING RECOMMENDED) are welcome.


  • James Robert Lay

    Another great site I use is http://www.harryanddavid.com/. They have a large selection of fruit baskets and other gifts.

  • You reminded me, maybe I should send an ecard at least.

  • Though it’s too late for this year, I actually try to use the US Thanksgiving holiday as part of the opportunity for this kind of thing. As the holiday is specifically about being thankful, a gift sent expressing your gratitude for their business both stands out (being before the rest of the holiday marketing stuff arrives) and offers an opportunity to follow up.

    I follow up with a card for the December holidays and a letter in early January. The January letter expresses how we here at Myriad Intellect are back, hard at work and just itching to tackle some new projects.

    I’ve also toyed with sending something out at the beginning of December highlighting the opportunity to have us work on a project the following spring. However, by reserving a spot on our project calendar with a deposit, they can take advantage of the tax benefits this year. However, I’ll probably wait until next year to do an experimental run with this concept.

  • http://www.mrsbeasleys.com is who I use. If you use the coupon code: PERF you can get 15% off your order. This is only good on non-sale items.

  • I have got some stress putty designed for my clients – in my coporate colour – orange, in tins with my logo and details…. then sending them to my customers from this year with a christmas card saying thanks for your support in 2004 looking forward to working with you in 2005 :)

    one of the of the joys wokring for myself is that I can do this and thank the clients that have supported me – the two customers that have them thought that they were great!

    I think its important to think outside the box when doing gifts too

  • I feel so bad. Since I’m an affiliate management consultant, this is our busiest time of the year and I have not even had time to think about what I can give to all my clients. I’m afraid it just won’t happen this year.

  • marc jannsens

    I’ve been living in Belgium for some time and I found the belgian Coeur Touché Chocolates are now available online: http://www.belgianchocolategifts.com

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