By Andrew Neitlich

How are you thanking clients during holiday season?

By Andrew Neitlich
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Holiday season is upon us. Take a moment TODAY to list your top 5-10 clients (or those who could be in top 5-10 next year). Send them a gift to thank them for their business, invite them to lunch, or do SOMETHING to reach out and personally acknowledge their importance to you. There are plenty of online gift sources; I’ve recently used http://www.delightfuldeliveries.com with success.

Then send handwritten notes/cards to the rest of your client list, wishing them a great 2005, a great holiday season, and thanking them for their business. If you can, personalize the note with something specific to what you know about them (e.g. names of spouse/kids, good luck with a specific goal or activity, etc.).

Finally, do the same for your referral sources.

DO NOT NEGLECT TO DO THIS!!!!!! Get started today.


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