Holy Hamburgers!

Eric Jones

The only thing “Stagnant” about ColdFusion is this blog, or should I say, WAS this blog! It’s been 2 long years since I last posted on InFused and I’m happy to report today changes all that. I remember begging SitePoint to let me take this blog over from David Medlock back in May of 2004, which SitePoint as we know allowed to happen. Then a short six months later I was telling them it was too much for me, and at that time in my life it was. I had just taken a new position with my current employer and was learning so many new things about ColdFusion that I just couldn’t get things in order.

So I quit. I left this blog to become a stagnant collection of articles and a complete failure / social black-eye for the SitePoint ColdFusion community. For this I’m truly sorry but I promise you my departure was not in vain. Even though I left the SitePoint blog behind my involvement in the community has only grown! You’ve hopefully seen me on the forums as well as around the various mailing lists and if you live in the Atlanta area you’ve probably seen me at ACFUG meetings.

During these past 2 years I’ve spent a lot of time diving deeper into ColdFusion and learning everyday what this wonderful piece of software and language will do for me. I’ve made many contacts and now have a growing list of CF’ers in my IM and emails address books. I’ve discovered new functions and tags during my trials and tribulations while also revisiting old friends to learn new tricks and ways to abuse them. I’ve seen the ColdFusion community grow and become more and more vocal while also becoming more and more friendly. The words Open Source have become a very popular phrase in ColdFusion communities where it was once considered a 4 letter word. I myself am heading up a major Open Source project, but we’ll talk more about that later.

So what are the plans for the future of InFused? We’ll for starters you’ll be seeing at bare minimum a regular weekly article and if I’m feeling extra snippy maybe more. I’d also like to open this blog up to the community and get some guest blogger posts going. So if you have an idea for a post you’d like to see here just drop me a note to my gmail account, gigado AT gmail DOT com, with your idea and we’ll talk shop. I’d also like to hear what you’d like to see covered in future postings, you can pass those thoughts to the email previously mentioned, or by visiting the ColdFusion forums here at SitePoint and starting a thread. One thing I’ve noticed, at least here at SitePoint, is a lot of seemingly basic questions which could easily be expanded upon. So besides some cool stuff, or advanced stuff there will be a fair share of starter topics. I hope to cast a wide enough net that everyone will be able to walk away with a little something from each post. Now I don’t pretend to know everything so if you spot me saying something wrong, or maybe you have a better way of expressing an idea please take full advantage of the commenting system in place.

OK that’s it for now, it’s good to be back and I hope you feel the same way!