Holy Cow! My pipline is full already for 2005. How about you?

Andrew Neitlich
Andrew Neitlich

Have you started looking at your prospects for 2005?

I’m going to share something with you that’s never been the case for me before and is amazing to me:

1. My pipeline is full for 2005, even if I turn off ALL marketing right now.

2. (And this blows me away) I have the potential to make 7 figures as a standalone consultant in 2005. Not 6 figures, but 7!

All of this has come about for a couple of reasons:

1. I’ve become skilled at creating value propositions that lead to extreme compensation. Even if I do the same tasks that bring others $20 per hour, I know how to position those same tasks to get $500 per hour. Hopefully you’ve learned some of those skills by reading this blog and my articles.

2. I’ve started to focus on companies that can structure deals with significant upside, especially public companies willing to part with guarantees of options/equity. I haven’t written much about this yet, and probably should.

3. I’ve also focused on a very few core referrals sources that bring me significant work, and understand my value and ways to structure highly profitable compensation. Instead of spreading myself thin, I’ve learned how to identify key referrers and nurture relationships with them. In other words, as the famous media mogul J.Trout advises, find a good horse to ride rather than creating your own horse.

So I share this with you not to brag, but to let you know that these kinds of results are possible. But you have to work smarter, do some things that might be outside your comfort zone, and be a bit patient. And I know others of you have done the same….you can buy Sitepoint’s book by Brendon Sinclair to learn how he does it.

So how is your pipeline and financial picture looking for 2005?