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Check out the link above and see a Web site that does what a professional’s Web site is supposed to do.

Mark is not a Web designer per se. He is a professional who generates reports for health care organization that use a software program called QMACS.

But his Web site is something EVERY Web designer can emulate:

1. Very focused target market.

2. Great URL.

3. Great headline to suck his audience in and get them to read more.

4. Terrific free offer so that prospects test him out before they buy.

5. An impressive testimonial that explains why Mark is unique.

6. An offer for a free report, showing that he educates people about what he does and establishing him as an expert.

7. Copy focused on the user, not on how great Mark is (although that comes through loud and clear).

I know some of you Web designers will say: Where’s the award winning design? Where’s the fancy splash page? Where’s the flash animation?

Well, I say: Who cares? Yes, there are differences that you need to incorporate as a Web professional. Of course. But too many of your Web sites (your own and your clients where it makes sense) don’t take advantage of these simple tactics. And as a result, you fail to attract the attention of your prospects, and look like every other Web designer out there.

Mark’s simple Web site gets results. Learn from it….

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