By Andrew Neitlich

Has anyone used ProSavvy?

By Andrew Neitlich
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I’ve ranted before about eLance, which for me is an okay place to go to find low-cost graphics and design people for quick jobs. Over time, I’ve found some good sources on eLance, but rarely for jobs over $1,000. But, as noted previously, it is a challenge to get noticed as a professional on those sites when you are bidding for small jobs against numerous competitors.

Prosavvy (http://www.prosavvy.com) has provided me with a higher calibre of professional, for larger jobs. Typically Prosavvy provides me with no more than 7 bids or so, unlike eLance which can provide me with unlimited (literally) bids.

Wondering if any of you have tried ProSavvy as a place to bid on projects, and what your experience has been….


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