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Hard Lesson Learned

By Eric Jones

Well folks I learned the hard way just how important backups are. Installed SP2 on my Alienware laptop and found out that the hardware doesn’t play nice with the new SP. So I went to uninstall it and my computer did a BSOD in the middle of the uninstall, yea I know how much that bites.

So I’m sitting here at my lap top trying to get things back to normal while keep the keyboard dry of all my tears. 2 years of data, email, contacts, etc gone. life can be harsh.

But on the flip side this did give me reason to get that DVD burner I’ve been dying for, just a bit too late is all.

So it’ll be a few more days before I get you any good CF stuff (lost my entire “stuff to post” folder).

If you’ve got anything good drop me a line at gigado AT gmail DOT com and I’ll try to get it posted here.

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