Happy Holidays from SitePoint!

As I write this, most of Team SitePoint is up on the 3rd floor partying down in style. It’s the end of a big year for us, and we’ve got a lot to celebrate … but of course there’s also plenty to look forward to in the year ahead!

In 2008, you can expect the following from SitePoint:

  • 99designs

    The new incarnation of SitePoint Design Contests that we launched this year has been so successful that we feel it’s time it was set free to make its own way in the world. This active design community will be split off onto its own site and renamed to ‘99designs’.

    Of course, this rebranding will come with a whole new visual design for the site. Watch for us to run a contest in the SitePoint Design Contests community to design the 99designs logo!

  • The SitePoint Reference

    Our CSS Reference site is already in closed beta, and we’re getting loads of great feedback from the SitePoint forum community. Early in 2008, this ‘reference to end all CSS references’ will open its doors to the world, and will be closely followed by references for HTML and JavaScript … each written by some of the foremost authorities on each technology.

  • More great books

    Our first title for 2008 will be The Art & Science of JavaScript, brought to you by a star-studded team of JavaScript experts.

  • …and lots more!

SitePoint HQ is shutting its doors as we all take some time off over the holiday season. We’ve got some great articles queued up to go live while we’re away, and a few of our regular bloggers will no doubt chime in with any breaking news, but otherwise it may be a bit quiet around here for the next week. Rest assured, we’re just saving up some energy for the exciting year ahead!

See you in 2008…