By Andrew Neitlich

Half-way gone

By Andrew Neitlich

Okay everyone, 2005 is half-way gone. Six months are behind us.

This is a wake up call:

– You should have set goals for 2005. Are you half-way there? If not, what can you do right now to get visible, attract more clients, and start getting back on track?

– If you didn’t set goals for 2005, set some now. What do you want the rest of the year to look like for you? What actions will you take to get there?

Let’s go!

  • tkemma

    Thanks for reminding us… Its always good to draw half year plans.

  • I’m currently in the process of sending out direct mail letters to my target market. I’ve been working on the copy after reading many marketing tips on how to write effective and persuasive letters which will encourage the potential client to act now. I’ve also added in some stats to support my letter. Then I will be analysing the response rate to determine if the copy needs revising. What’s your thoughts Andrew? By the way I am currently working on two projects in the meantime.

  • pdxi

    My current state is different than I had originally planned in January; however, my original plan was filled with problems and I am much happier now.

    I guess it’s time to come up with a new plan!

  • CasualNerd

    I’ve just jotted down some ‘mid years resolutions’ as I didn’t have anything planned from the beginning of the year. Remind us again towards the end of the year so I can check back :p

  • My current short term goal is to get over this flu!!!

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