Guide to MySQL 5 Stored Procedures

By Blane Warrene

MySQL AB has published the first in a series of ebooks featuring coverage of the new functionality in version 5 of their popular database. A link to the PDF document is on the page and does not require registration.

Peter Gulutzan, one of MySQL’s software architects, has authored the intitial release. The publication stretches some 67 pages and covers stored procedures. Future pieces appear to be in the works covering Triggers and Views.

The approach is great – starting simple for those who did not come from other systems with this capability – and then wrapping up with real world examples that leverage one or more of the new features in a scenario that may have previously been seen as “undoable” or extremely difficult.

I also like the side-by-side comparison to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2.

  • Thanks for the link :)!

  • medicated

    Ooo, very good link. I’m really excited for 5.0 to become stable. I work for a university and we’re waiting for 5.0 to come out before we implement it. Thanks again for the link.

  • pdxi

    Sounds good… I’m glad that MySQL decided to grow up (ducks and covers his head with a PostgreSQL book).

    Really, though, MySQL is going to win a lot more marketshare as it matures and adds features such as stored procedures. Thanks for the link :)

  • MySQL is long over due to include SP’s, however it will be interesting to see some performance tests. Placing logic into MySQL rather than in the applications, will be a huge benefit. I look forward to reading more on the implementation of triggers and views.

  • Finally we can all rejoyce mySQL with Stored Procedures, this new update will just give us even more reason to dump SQL Server 2000 for mySQL since it will have all of it’s features, be much more rebust, better security and as far as the web goes, much faster queries :)

  • knopfler

    Thanks for the information. Any word on how to access MySQL stored procedures through PHP?

  • Luke

    In terms of compatibility, how close is the SP syntax to other DBMS?

  • knopfler – not much that I can see in cursory searches. I am sure the links will blossom as the rleeases get closer to gold. I did catch this on the MySQL site as I am reviewing this as well.,19146

    Luke their is a whole section on comparison to other db stored procedures in the pdf.

  • Sai Suman

    Hai i am new to mysql i need a free pdf on Stored procedures in mysql..So plzzz anyone help me
    my mail id is or paste the link over here

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