Guess which web designer makes more money…

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I’m working directly with two web designers right now. Guess which one makes more money:

Designer One: This guy is a true artist. He likes to take on difficult web design challenges. His work is gorgeous (so good in fact that it is hard to convert his Photoshop products into HTML). He can’t manage deadlines very well, and is a bit tempermental. Everything he does is custom, and can take months to complete. He charges lots of money per job, and is worth it for his great custom work.

Designer Two: This guy knows how to create web sites that have that direct marketing look and feel. He can mix and match existing elements to create a decent looking web site. His work is not very original. In fact, he likes to create a template and crank out work that is 80% the same and 20% customized. On the downside, he is a bit sloppy and tends to overlook details like typos. He also doesn’t like requests from clients to really redo the look and feel of a site he has created. But his sites look professional and get response. And he is much faster than Designer One, even though he charges less money per hour and per site.

Question 1: Who would you guess makes more money each year?
Question 2: Regardless of who makes more money, which would you rather be?

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