Growth Hacking Made Easy with Exclusive SumoMe Offer

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    Growth hacking is one of those phrases that feels like an annoying buzzword – until you take advantage of its power and become a full-strength convert.

    We’ve discovered the secret of easy growth hacking thanks to our friends at SumoMe. They know how to turn a website into something epic. Over 200,000 websites use their tools every day to grow their traffic, get more email subscribers, see vital real-time stats, and more. They’re loved by some of the world’s biggest websites (think Airbnb, 4-Hour WorkWeek and Wait But Why) and now they want to help SitePoint readers and their projects become the Next Big Thing.

    For one week only, SitePoint fans can get this exclusive deal: 6 months of the SumoMe Starter Pack, valued at $60, for free. As in, completely free. You don’t even need a credit card.

    The SumoMe Starter Plan gives you 12+ free tools to optimize your website and grow traffic, along with branding removed and VIP support. Set it up on your own site and watch your traffic, shares, and email subscribers take off. Here’s just some of the success people have seen:

    • Robbie Richards used SumoMe to get 19,011 social shares
    • Teachable installed SumoMe and boosted their landing page conversion by 70%
    • And SumoMe’s latest app, Discover, is getting all kinds of websites 2-8% extra traffic, completely hands off

    We want you to have results like these for your own projects, which is why we’re thrilled to offer you this exclusive deal. Get your free 6 months of SumoMe and fall in love with growth hacking.

    This deal will go away at 9am PST on Thursday 5 November though, so grab it today!