Grid Computing on OS X?

By Blane Warrene

As you all know now, I like to slip in some OS X news as I have covered OS X in some columns. Apple became a part of the Unix and Open Source communities with the release of OS X and has since been garnering support from these communities as they engage in non-traditional business markets (at least non-traditional considering Apple for many years was found in design, legal and print shops).

I noted in a previous post that MySQL has brought clustering to the smaller business and home business by releasing an open source database cluster. Apple has joined these ranks by releasing a technology preview of Xgrid, which, while not open source, enables one to build a simple cluster from two or more 10.2.8 or better workstations at home.

As web hosting and web applications continue to get more sophisticated, Apple now offers some solutions which support this market in the Xserve, Xraid (for large RAID storage) and Xgrid.

As a side note, MySQL runs on OS X, so you can see the benefit.

Apple has also announced a roadshow with Oracle based on the new Oracle 10g running on OS X. Information on the roadshow is found on Apple’s site at http://seminars.apple.com/tours/oracle/indextrk.html?s=203

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